About Lexrule

a valuable partner relationship

Financial institutions of all sizes are looking for a tried-and-true method to support a growing business and reach out to customers in more effective ways. Beyond seeking a competitive edge and greater operating efficiencies, many of these firms are looking for application specialists who can make sure that the "must do's" are being addressed.

And for most banks, it is the commercial loan process where such a specialist can add the most value — from origination to financial analysis, from underwriting to credit approval memorandum, and from document preparation to loan servicing.

Working as a partner, Lexrule Corporation helps credit managers, loan processors, portfolio managers, underwriters, and analysts create integrated solutions that meet the technical and business needs of their customers.

Our Mission Statement

How Can We Help You? We have decades of experience, qualified expertise and a pedigree in commercial lending, commercial real estate lending, consumer finance, credit processing workflow and most importantly, banking technology. Our one-on-one customer-focused team will enable you to focus on your business while we solve your problems quickly. For us, you are not just another customer. You are our partner. We will work very hard to make sure you are happy.

Our Philosophy


Our software is designed, developed and architected with twenty-first century technology. It enables you as our partner to assemble features and functionalities as you wish, whenever you wish, and as you grow your business. Our commercial lending workflow adapts to your vision, with your current credit processing workflow.


Upon software installation, Lexrule will provide one-on-one training. As you add additional features, we will train you at no cost. We want to be certain that you are as productive as possible with the investment you have made in RADAS™ and in Lexrule Corporation.


We believe in building relationships with our customers. When you make a purchase which wraps around your day-to-day processes, we want to make sure that you are absolutely thrilled as you conduct your business. Our relationship will give you piece of mind. That is, we will make sure that we take care of you so that you can take care of your business.

Regulatory Compliance

We believe that when you purchase a piece of financial software, it should be embedded with regulatory audit requirements. Simply put, when you purchase our software, you will get regulatory features including: The Bank Secrecy Act, The Patriot Act, Audit Trail and much more at no additional cost. They are built-in and do not require any additional steps to be taken by you. Next time the auditors show up at your door, simply give them a username and password. No need for auditors to review numerous paper files, all of the needed information is documented in RADAS.