Employment Opportunities


Posted 9.10.14


  • Six month trial period before position becomes permanent
  • Background check, all references/certifications will be verified
  • BS or equivalent experience (no interns or "projects")
  • Someone who can "hit the ground running" with little training



  • Must be proficient in writing and optimizing queries
  • Must understand the fundamentals of relational database design
  • Experience with MS SQL database setup/maintenance is a plus
  • Experience with large-scale databases is a plus


  • Must have meaningful C# and OOP experience
  • Must be able to properly use ADO.NET
  • Must have ASP.NET experience

Needs to be familiar with XHTML

Experience with ASP.NET 2.0 is a plus

  • Should be fairly proficient with the .NET framework

Needs to know the basic classes and functions that are available

Needs to know how to properly use and extend those classes

XML and Web Services

  • Must be comfortable working with XML

Correctly formatted XML (escaping special characters like &)

Building XmlDocuments and working with XmlNodes

XPath queries (SelectSingleNode, SelectNodes, etc.)

  • Should know how to call a web service given the URL or WSDL

Experience building web services is a plus

  • Experience with XSD schemas is a plus
  • Experience with XSL transformations is a plus


  • Must be familiar enough with this to be able to maintain existing code
  • Should have some experience with VB and JavaScript
  • Experience with Enterprise Services in .NET is a plus

Credit card processing experience is a plus

  • Must understand associated data sensitivity and security guidelines
  • Must be able to meet security clearance/background investigation criteria

Financial experience is a plus