With the current confusing market, some banks may take their medicine now while others may postpone the pain. Either way, financial institutions need to streamline and consolidate their credit process to be in compliance and achieve cost savings. Having the right credit processing software can be a big help to your institution. Lexrule offers a host of high performance, proven, fully integrated, end-to-end, consolidated, cloud-based enterprise software solutions designed to fit your needs. Whether you have one user or one thousand users, one branch or one thousand branches, RADAS™ suite of products will enable you to standardize and streamline your credit process.

RADAS™ FA1 Financial Analytics 1

RADAS-FA1 enables credit analysts, financial statement analysts, private bankers, experienced credit administrators, or novices to spread and analyze comprehensive business financials. RADAS-FA1 produces balance sheets, income statements, ratios, reconciliations, cash flows, sensitivity analysis, "what if scenarios," and several other key elements needed for financial analysis and subsequent decisions. Furthermore, it provides the capability for financial institutions to originate loans from multiple locations.

RADAS™ FA2 Financial Analytics 2

RADAS-FA2 includes RADAS-FA1's features and functionalities. RADAS-FA2 provides complete financial analytical information. It gives the ability to consolidate borrower and guarantor financials. The only true browser-based system maintains built-in multiyear financial analytics to manage global debt service coverage, risk analysis, covenant compliance, projections, and more.

RADAS™ CLD Commercial Loan Decisioning Enterprise Solution

RADAS-CLD includes RADS-FA2. RADAS™ CLD is an enterprise software solution that integrates multiple loan origination products. This unique platform allows for you to originate, perform analytics, and make decisions from remote and distributed locations which in return will steadily increase the workflow process to a manageable state. RADAS™ CLD enables relationship managers, credit managers, loan processors, analysts, and underwriters to gather and view credit and committee approval memorandums, multiple credit scores, set and modify credit policies, set alerts for covenants, track collateral, view outstanding financial documents, and manage the portfolio and the pipeline of customers. It automates and integrates all of your data allowing for demographics and customer segmentation to be achieved from a single source.

RADAS™ SBS Small Business Enterprise Solution

RADAS™ SBS is a comprehensive small business decisioning enterprise suite that works toward improving the overall workflow compliance. It provides small business loan origination, easy consolidating of borrower and guarantor financials, adaptive built-in score cards, auto decisioning, and override decisions. RADAS™ SBS complies with The Bank Secrecy Act, Audit Control Requirements, Transaction Level Verification, The Patriot Act, and The Community Reinvestment Act.

RADAS™ PAST Complete Portfolio Analysis & Stress Testing

  • Regulatory Compliant Portfolio Monitoring
  • Analysis and Stress Testing for CRE, C&I and More
  • Generate Watch List

RADAS™ CF Consumer Finance Decisioning Enterprise Solution

RADAS™ CF is the most state-of-the-art comprehensive software available with a dynamic consumer lending workflow designed to meet desired needs. RADAS™ CF offers several options to process a consumer loan application for a mortgage, credit card, HELOC, auto loan, debt consolidation, and other consumer loans. RADAS™ CF has a built-in score card for each consumer product. It provides an automatic decision matrix to help approve, decline, or make exceptions for all loan submissions.

RADAS™ CRE Commercial Real Estate Enterprise Solution

RADAS™ CRE is a unique commercial real estate application that offers commercial real estate loan origination, borrower information, guarantor information, and all property-related information included in a consolidated platform. RADAS™ CRE provides instant reports including loan request summary, subject property rent roll, vacancy rates, historical operating performance, environmental and appraisal reviews, workflow compliance, NCF supportable loans, and NOI supportable loans. In addition, it calculates projections including adjustments to the operating statement and preliminary market information.

RADAS™ LPS Loan Participation & Syndication Enterprise Solution

RADAS™ LPS allows for a quick deployment of customized loan origination, spreading, underwriting, and decisioning solutions for participating lenders doing business online. RADAS™ LPS helps by serving as an outlet in which all parties can easily review, accept, or reject loan applications.

RADAS™ Construction Construction, Analysis & Lot Absorption Loan System

  • Establish policy guidelines for overall lending strategies
  • Implement monitoring compliance policies
  • Stratify the CRE portfolio
  • Generate exception monitoring
  • Create construction draw admin policy and procedures
  • Identify lot absorption rate
  • Have periodic collateral valuation and more

RADAS™ CNP Church & Non Profit Enterprise Solution

RADAS™ CNP is designed to increase the Bank's returns and competitiveness while limiting the risk factors. RADAS™ CNP assists the bank with underwriting church loans based on the same criteria as non-profit business and helps adapt to the unique issues involved with Church Lending.