"Whether we are purchasing a loan for our own portfolio or helping a client grow by participating in one of our own loan syndications, the RADAS™ Commercial Lending and RADAS™ Loan Participation and Syndication platform has streamlined the underwriting, decision making, and distribution processes, which has resulted in immediate increases in productivity, efficiency, volume, and profitability."

Howard F. Pisons President and CEO, CBB

"RADAS™ CLD is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, end-to-end loan underwriting and decisioning platform. We find that it has allowed us to cut down on redundant data entry, and, most importantly, allows management to make better informed credit decisions faster. Beyond just the capabilities of the software, the capabilities of Lexrule and their customer support staff has been top notch."

Scott Clark Sr. Credit Officer, Virginia Heritage Bank

"The RADAS™ Construction, Analysis & Lot Absorption enables us to be consistent and provides uniform process throughout our organization. It provides a methodical process to control & monitor construction and development loans from underwriting through the project completion and collateral release. This user friendly tool enables us to actually draw requests and collateral value to the loan balance and possible cost over runs including any collateral deficiencies."

Steve MeyerFirst National Bank of the South

"RADAS™ gives us the ability to be efficient. RADAS™ provides us a consistent and comprehensive view of each customer from anywhere, anyplace, at any time. With its built-in workflow, easy to use financial analytics and overall financial picture at a glance, our lenders have the ability to make informed, meaningful decisions based on product at hand, overall corporate strategy and within individual customer strategy."

Kirk Robinson President and CEO, CBB